Inquiry Project

My project lead to many challenges. Although a simple topic by choice, it was soon realized that you can not always depend on your “Plan A”. With my mom’s health at a low this month, we were not fortunate enough to have her present with us while carrying out the task. Many phone calls and even a live chat via skype were all we could muster in order to bring this learning experience together. At the 11th hour of pulling the plug and looking for another assignment topic, I realized that there was a way to salvage or re-direct my learning outcome. Through the guidance of my mom over the phone, I was able to share the time in the kitchen with my oldest daughter Jesslyn, and create not only the finished product, but also what would become one of my most bonding experiences to date with all of my children. Once the girls realized what I was doing and that Baba was not able to join us, they quickly jumped to the task of helping me put this all together. The biggest challenge I faced was how to overcome the fact that my teacher would not be able to join us and how to adapt and make the best of it. I quickly sprang into action and assigned different tasks to my daughters, while taking direction from mom (Baba) over the phone. Baba was more than happy to be able to assist via telephone all the while knowing that her girls were being included. Not only was the project a success, but it taught me that forming a common bond can help to increase not only the learning but the teaching process as well.

In conclusion, it was a learning approach that I will continue to develop and try to use in my classroom.


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