Digital Story Telling

Digital Story Telling at its finest!

As the ever changing and evolving world of electronics overwhelms an industry of “bigger, better and faster, we find it necessary to introduce this new technology into the classroom. In my link above you will see what I believe is the epitome of the electrical technology in training tools. Please use it as a guide not to do your own project, however to use as a means of what can be done!

The Digital story that you will tell, should reflect the lesson plan circuits we have covered. From the introduction of the simple 2-wire pull-chain wiring diagram, to the complexity of the final practical exam utilizing all of the materials covered in the semester. 

What I would like you to include in your production is an explanation or description of the tools utilized in your circuit along with a brief description of the materials. Please vary your formats to make your production. The use of video and images can be used to describe your project along with descriptive text applied to the slides. Choose one of the circuits that we have built and create your presentation as if you are teaching it to your classmates. From start to finish, we should be able to gain the knowledge of wiring the project ourselves. Include all safety procedures that need to take place to assure that the circuit can be energized in a safe fashion after being checked by an instructor. 

A great tool for producing an easy and understandable presentation can be found at Animoto. I would expect your Digital Story to fulfill the eligible time that is allowed during the free or introductory version of Animoto. Using Windows PowerPoint or another alternate such as Prezi will make a great production and should include a minimum of 25 slides if using a PowerPoint type of format.


Have fun and be creative!



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